Hybrid MHD/PIC simulation of a deuterium gas puff z pinch

[ 摘要 ] We present the hybrid MHD/PIC simulations of the time evolution of a deuterium gas puff z pinch. Recent experiments with 3-MA current pinches [6] made in a novel configuration have shown that the neutron yields can reach 3.6×1012. It was shown that the observed neutron spectra could be explained by a suprathermal distribution of deuterons with a power law fall off in the ion energy distribution function at large energy. In order to perform the numerical simulation of gas puff z pinch a new hybrid model was developed. The described hybrid model treats the electrons as a massless fluid and ions as macroparticles. The macroparticle dynamic is calculated with the use of PIC method. Ion-ion Coulomb collision is considered with the use of MC method. In the model simulation, in the configuration close to described in [6], it was obtained the neutron yields up to 1.2×1012. Most neutrons are not thermonuclear. This level of the neutron yield is reached only when a strongly nonuniform neck-like constriction of z-pinch plasma occurs. In this case, the obtained deuteron spectra (with energy up to several tens MeV) have suprathermal high energy tail. These simulations demonstrate the utility of the developed hybrid model for the z-pinch simulation.

[ 发布机构 ] Institute of Electrophysics, RAS, 106 Amundsen St., Ekaterinburg; 620016, Russia^1;Institute of High Current Electronics SB RAS, 2/3 Akademichesky Ave., Tomsk; 634055, Russia^2   

[ 关键词 ] Coulomb collision;Gas puff Z-pinch;High energy tails;Ion energy distribution functions;Model simulation;Neutron spectra;Time evolutions;Z-pinch plasmas    [ 发文字号 ] https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1742-6596/830/1/012018/pdf|10.1088/1742-6596/830/1/012018   

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